The national forests are significant to everyone in this country. So far, most people seem to feel the same way about the government’s proposals to sell them off.

“The green heart of Britain is not for sale
David Bellamy


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Friends of Bourne Wood member Ayla Smith said: “We are very keen for individuals to get involved in trying to prevent the sell-off of woodland. We would like them to write or e-mail Caroline Spelman to say that they are opposed to the sell-off on the grounds that there will be less land for public access, health and quality of life. If we don’t, future generations are not going to be able to experience what we can enjoy – and they are not going to thank us for letting them go.”

New Forest Association secretary Michael Chilcott said: “In the forest we have a system of commoning and management that is unique in the whole of Europe.”

Mr Davis from ‘Save Cannock Chase’ said: “I’m not trying to put up scare stories, we just want the Government to know how important our forest is to us and that we’d like to keep things pretty much as they are rather than see big changes due to a restructure of the Forestry Commission or sale of the woods to someone else.”

The Bishop of Guilford, the Right Reverence Christopher Hill (and resident of Ruardean) said: ”The Forest of Dean has had its ups and downs. At least twice in the past 400 years the Forest has almost been destroyed because of individualistic, uncontrolled economic forces. The likelihood of individual parcels of the Forest being sold off is very high if the Public Bodies Bill goes through unamended. We need to support this campaign so the Forest can go on for another 400 years and more.”


The Ramblers: ”There is nothing more reviving than a walk through British woodland in the autumn. We are seeking assurances from government that guaranteed public access will be a prerequisite of any sale so that we can all continue to enjoy a woodland walk, and that the right to access British forests will be protected for future generations.”


The Kennel Club: “We would be greatly saddened by any attempts to sell off Forestry Commission land.”


The British Horse Society: “Equestrian access to thousands of acres of England’s forests could be lost under new Government plans. It is imperative that any sales of such forests only take place subject to a dedication of equestrian access.”


Roger, 73, has been cycling in the Sherwood Pines for the last 62 years: “I believe that private ownership is no good for biking in the woods. It’ll be all money, money, money for using their tracks, if we’re allowed to bike through at all. Long may the Forestry Commission look after our biking trails.”


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David Bellamy: ”The green heart of Britain is not for sale,”

Former Forestry Commission chairman Lord Clark, said: “It is a nonsensical move that won’t save any money. They [the government] will have the power to do anything. The worst case scenario is they sell everything off and the public has no access whatsoever – and there’s the threat to biodiversity that goes with that,”

RSPB: “The proposed land sales are driven by the need to generate quick cash, but they must not be at the expense of protecting our natural capital, which is irreplaceable.”

The Woodland Trust: “This sale is likely raise a tiny amount but could do immeasurable damage and cost the nation dearly”

Bill Bryson (Campaign for the Protection of Rural England): ”It is extraordinary that one of the country’s most ancient forests – a place of great beauty that is enjoyed by so many people – is also one of its least protected. The Forest of Dean … should continue to be managed as a whole for the widest public benefit.”

Friends of the Earth: ”Forests are worth less in hard cash to the Government than their value to the nation, which is priceless. All areas of woodland and countryside need careful management to maxmise their benefits for wildlife and people, and until the Government is able to show how this will be achieved in private hands, we think they should remain in public ownership.”


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